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MOUNT PLEASANT, N.Y. — A college football player is dead after police in New York shot at his car during a bar brawl.

The dead man was identified as Danroy Henry, a junior at Pace University’s suburban Westchester County campus. He was a varsity defensive football player at the school.

According to Mount Pleasant police, unruly patrons had gathered in the parking lot.

Police said they approached a car parked in a fire lane. When an officer knocked on the car window, the driver sped off.

An officer tried stopping the vehicle but it accelerated and he ended up on the hood.

As the vehicle passed by, another officer was hit by the car.

Both officers fired at the car.

The New York Daily News also reported on the incident:

Hinds’ father, Desmond Hinds Sr., said the young men weren’t involved in the fight and called the shooting “senseless.”

“There were no guns or drugs or knives in the car and now somebody is dead for no reason,” he said. “They didn’t even know about a fight. They were waiting for two of their friends … There was no reason to fire shots.”

Alagno would not release the names of the officers or say how many shots were fired, but he told reporters there would be a “very thorough investigation.”

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In my opinion the incident is very similar to the police killing of Sean Bell that occurred in New York in 2006.


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