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I can remember growing up mixed there was no basketball player I could relate too. All the Black kids would be Michael Jordan and all the white kids would be Larry Bird. It wasn’t till the nineties when Jason Kidd was drafted. Today there are several biracial players in the NBA. In fact there are enough to make a decent team.

Center Joakim Noah

Noah is not only biracial but bi-cultural as well. He is the son of African French tennis player, Yannick Noah and Swedish model, Cecilia Rodhe. He was born in France but learned to play basketball at an elite private school in New York and the playgrounds of Harlem.

Power Forward Blake Griffin

Griffin is born to Black father and white mother in Oaklahoma, where he played high school and college ball. He was drafted with the number one pick in the 2009 draft. After sitting out his first season, he has started the 2010 season with a lot promise.

Small Forward Shane Battier

Shane Battier was born to a Black father and white mother in Birmingham, Michigan. As a child he was treated as Black by the white kids at his private school and as white by the Black kids on his AAU team. Battier would win an NCAA championship with Duke and become on of the NBA’s premier defensive players.

Shooting Guard Tony Parker

Tony Parker was born to a Black, American father who played professional Basketball and a white french mother was a model. Tony Parker already has three championships with the San Antonio Spurs and averaged 28.6 points a game during the 2009 playoffs.

Point Guard Deron Williams

Deron Williams is on of the five best point guards in the league. He played college ball at Illinois and has a stellar career in with the Utah Jazz, averaging 10 assists a game for the past three seasons.