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The Congressional Black Caucus on Wednesday evening threw its support behind its own Ed Towns for ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee.

It’s hardly a surprise, but Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich recently mounted an open challenge to the New York Democrat’s leadership. The CBC sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi, the current House speaker and incoming Democratic minority leader, asking for her support. Aides to Pelosi didn’t immediately respond for comment about who she’s supporting.

Kucinich is making the point that the position is especially critical since hard-charging California Rep. Darrell Issa will be taking the gavel in the new GOP majority, vowing hundreds of hard-hitting hearings. Kucinich’s challenge echoes sentiments of Democratic aides and lawmakers who question whether Towns is up for the task of standing up to Issa. Towns’ aides vow he is.

The letter says Towns “is the most senior Democrat on the committee and his distinguished service as Chairman during the 111th Congress makes his continuing leadership of the Democrats of the Committee imperative.”

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