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New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer Raul Olmeda has pleaded “not guilty” to a host of sex crimes against a girl under the age of 16, the New York Daily News reported. He paid the teenager for sex at least five times, including twice after he was already under investigation for the crime, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark said Tuesday.

Olmeda, whose charges include “use of a child in sexual performance, rape and patronizing a minor for prostitution,” also “preyed on the vulnerable young woman and videotaped his demeaning and dehumanizing act,” according to Clark. Police found out about the alleged crimes while investigating sex trafficking in the city.

“The nature and scope of the charges in this indictment are egregious,” Police Commissioner James O’Neil said. “The fact that the defendant is an NYPD officer evidences an unconscionable violation of his oath to uphold the law and protect the public.”

Some Twitter users suspect that Olmeda will face harsher sentencing because he is a person of color.

Olmeda denied the accusations despite police confiscating video recordings of him and the teen. Olmeda’s lawyer questioned the minor’s credibility.

“It’s a very heavy indictment, which is evidence of nothing,” defense attorney Stuart London said. “This isn’t numerous underage women. This is one underage woman, and we don’t know her credibility at all.”


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