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Lawyers, the NYCLU and Public Advocate Leticia James (pictured at podium) appeared with the family of Eric Garner in Richmond County Court Thursday, arguing for the public release of grand jury minutes. Garner was a 43-year-old Staten Island man fatally choked during a confrontation with police last July. A grand jury declined to indict Daniel Pantaleo, the officer who […]

Ledarius Williams (pictured), a former felon shot dead by police in St. Louis Tuesday, had been previously shot by cops in 2009, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports. SEE ALSO: After Not-Guilty Pleas, Suge Knight Hospitalized The officer shot Williams in the city’s Dutchtown neighborhood mid-afternoon. According to Police Chief Sam Dotson, when that officer and […]

Ramarley Graham’s parents held a memorial at the Bronx’s Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church Monday evening. The day marked three years since officers killed the unarmed teen in his home. RELATED: N.Y.C. Negotiates $3.9M In 2012 Police Killing Of Unarmed Bronx Teen Ramarley Graham The event also came days after the city awarded the Graham family […]