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A man who spent 21 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit passed away Sunday, less than a year after his release, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: NYPD Receives Threats From Latin Kings? Sharrif Wilson (pictured second from right) died around 11 p.m. at Mount Sinal Hospital, lawyer Adam Perlmutter said. He’d been there since December, […]

New York City has agreed to reform stop and frisk police procedures in NYCHA public housing, the New York Daily News reports. SEE ALSO: Eric Garner’s Daughter, Brother Release Rap Song Dedicated To Him The agreement stems from Davis v. City Of New York, a class action lawsuit that NYCHA residents filed against the city over […]

The MTA will heavily enforce rules concerning protests at Grand Central station, following two arrests Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports. RELATED: #BlackLivesMatter Protestors Occupy Grand Central For 24 Hours The change comes a day after a #BlackLivesMatter group completed a 24-hour action against police violence at the terminal. During that demonstration, MTA officers arrested activist […]

NYPD officers are issuing fewer summonses in the two precincts affected by recent cop murders, the New York Daily News reports. RELATED: NYPD Commissioner: Protests Are Not Really About Police Brutality Per statistics for the week ending this past Sunday, only one summons was issued in the 84th precinct, covering Northwestern Brooklyn. None were issued in the […]

Slain California resident Ezell Ford’s autopsy report was released Monday evening. RELATED: Two Gunman Open Fire On LAPD Patrol Car The release comes less than three days before the deadline L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti mandated. Per the findings, Ford was shot in his right arm, right side, and back, with the back and side wounds being fatal, according to […]

A lawyer is preparing to file criminal charges against “#BlackLivesMatter” organizers for a Saturday protest at the Mall Of America, CBS Minnesota reports. SEE ALSO: Top Story Of 2014? Police Killings Of Blacks The protest partially shut down the mall for two hours this weekend. The group chose it for its widespread popularity, especially during the […]