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Tucker Carlson claimed that white opioid addicts are being ignored in order to change "the demographics of the country in a way that benefits the Democratic Party."

The Harm Reduction Program Grant supports community-based programs geared toward overdose prevention, syringe services programs, and other harm reduction services.

The death of former MIss USA beauty pageant winner Cheslie Kryst draws attention to a rising trend of Black people dying by suicide. Black people typically have the lowest suicide rates, but data shows those numbers have risen during the pandemic.

Here is a list of notable anti-vaxxers who have died from COVID-19.

Florida Democrats walked out of a confirmation hearing for anti-mask Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo because he refused to directly answer questions about vaccine efficacy, among other things.

During a 2020 appearance on Glenn Beck’s podcast, Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker promoted a product one "can bring you into a building that would clean you from COVID as you walk through this dry mist."

A recent study suggests that Black men 55 and older are causing the recent spike in overdose deaths among men older men.

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has hit society like a ton of bricks this winter and HBCUs are no exception. Here's how historically Black colleges and universities are responding.

Florida's Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo is downplaying the need for frequent COVID-19 testing and refused to encourage people to get vaccinated as coronavirus cases soar in the Sunshine State.

Residents in one predominately white New York City neighborhood have complained that the local COVID-19 testing and treatment plan prioritizes people along "racial and ethnic" lines, according to a city council member.

Black-eyed peas made its way over to the states during the Middle Passage where West African slaves were then forced to cultivate rice and beans on the same plantations that would enslave them for centuries

There are many reasons why people find the holidays stressful – including pressure to find the perfect gift to give someone, pressure to have the perfect family gathering and financial worries. But there are a few things people can do to help them deal with the stress of the holiday season.