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It's the first HBCU to compete in an NCAA meet.

The importance of HBCU talent cannot be understated.

After four days, the anti-Kevin contingent was down to six holdouts.

Will Kevin McCarthy Become House Speaker? Russ and Armstrong Williams Discuss in the "What's Your Point" segment.

Two years ago today, a violent mob stormed the U.S. Capitol in what was one of the most jaw-dropping moments in U.S. history. 

On the anniversary of the Capitol riots, never forget that historians estimate there were around 250 insurrections in America that involved 10 or more enslaved people starting in the early 1600s.

A Black man was arrested and jailed in November after a facial recognition algorithm falsely accused him of committing crimes.

An HBCU men’s basketball program has decided to take on a surprising cause for their team's social justice project. 

These individuals touched our lives and shifted the culture with their timeless contributions.

Buffalo residents are reeling after a massive winter storm hit the region over the holiday weekend.

A new year is up ahead and so is your astrological forecast. Take a look inside for what you can expect this year.