Health, medicine, and medical research coverage from a Black perspective.

As Black people disproportionately suffer from Covid-19, there are lingering questions about the distribution process that will determine who gets the coronavirus vaccine first.

The stroke suffered by comedian and actor Sinbad drew attention to Black people's heightened risk of suffering brain attacks.

Trump vowed to make the Republicans the “party of health care" ahead of the 2020 election.

Sen. Kamala Harris won't be traveling for the next few days after a couple of staffers associated with her campaign have tested positive for COVID-19.

NewsOne's The Black Ballot panel discussion returned with a lineup of public health professionals to break down what's at stake when it comes to health care and the upcoming election.

As if the situation surrounding Donald Trump's case of the coronavirus couldn't get any less predictable, it turns out that the president's personal physician graduated from the same medical school as Dr. Umar Johnson.

The revelation that Donald Trump has tested positive for the coronavirus set off a domino effect of potential consequences, including his possible death from an illness that he once dismissed as a "hoax" and lied to the American people about.

Researchers say Black folks must be included in COVID-19 vaccine trials, but Black people’s historical mistrust among doctors, physicians and the entire American healthcare system needs to be reconciled first.

Chadwick Boseman's death reinforces an unfortunate truth: Black people are disproportionately diagnosed with colon cancer in a trend that has heightened implications for Black men, in particular.

Conservative pundit Shermichael Singleton discusses the merits of healthcare plans proposed by Democrats versus Republicans'.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention is working to have a more detailed definition of the inflammatory syndrome.

The similarities between Donald Trump's presidency and the hit TV show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" were on glaring display when he suggested injecting people with a disinfectant to treat the coronavirus.