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Eric Johnson, the second-ever Black mayor of Dallas, is switching to Republican months after winning reelection by running as a Democrat.

Some legal and political experts believe Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is losing popularity in Florida and as a presidential candidate.

Los Angeles City Council member Kevin de León is hoping to be reelected after being exposed in a racist scandal.

How artificial intelligence impacts the Black community is a focal point at this year's Congressional Black Caucus legislative conference. Rep. Barbara Lee said AI has “No diversity, no Black lens.”

Donald Trump falsely claimed that his mugshot has caused his support among Black voters to go up "four or five times."

The Black Ballot

For National Voting Registration Day, here's a step-by-step guide to prepare you to cast your ballot on Election Day. If you want to exercise your constitutional right to vote, you need to register first.

Tim Scott, 59, said he's dating "a lovely Christian girl" and quoted the Bible to hint he may propose: "He who finds a wife finds a good thing." Here's what else he's said about his girlfriend amid scrutiny of being unmarried.


Why do politicians like Tim Scott share so much from their personal lives on the campaign trail? Research shows it boosts popularity and reduces party polarization in people’s views of politicians.

Maxine Waters reassured her followers after a judge delayed the start of Trump's RICO trial.

Turning Point USA President Charlie Kirk said the only reason Donald Trump was elected is because Republicans "want a white Obama."

Top Democrats aren't united on who Biden's running mate should be.

With inflation raging, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is being blamed for the child poverty rate more than doubling after he blocked the child tax credit from being renewed.