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There have always been deceptive candidates, but George Santos is different.

Rochelle “Silk” Richardson couldn't even lay her sister, Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway, to rest without allowing a memorial to devolve into a QAnon-style MAGA rally of anti-vaxxers.

Let's look at a few more BIPOC organizations leading the way to change in the reproductive justice space.

The Republican claims someone with "desire to depict me as a sellout" sent him the book.

The allegations came amid a recall effort.

A federal judge has ordered Vernon Jones to pay $45,652 in damages and legal fees to a man he blocked from his Facebook page.

Racial and social justice leaders are urging policymakers to use MLK Day 2023 to emulate Martin Luther King in their official capacities.

The concept of political sabotage is far from out of the question in 2023.

Wisconsin Elections Commission vice chair Bob Spindell said the quiet part out loud.

The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act added significant workplace protections.

Bennie Thompson said the Jan. 6 Committee that he chaired could serve "as a model" for Brazil to investigate its own insurrection.