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Mark Robinson sounds like he’s gearing up for a real-life rendition of “The Purge.”

Black voters remain the most solid group supporting the president, albeit not as many.

The GOP candidate selectively flip-flopped on his pro-Trump, anti-CRT stances.

Massachusetts GOP candidate Geoff Diehl was caught in a lie that falsely claimed his daughter was made to sign a "white privilege" pledge.


Marjorie Taylor Greene and other Republicans defend guns in the wake of Salvador Ramos' mass shooting in Uvalde County.

Massachusetts candidate Rayla Campbell's comments about oral sex and children were "inappropriate," not her overall message, Republican Geoff Diehl said.

Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate David Perdue said Stacey Abrams is "demeaning her own race" and should "go back where she came from."

From statewide races like the lieutenant governor to several judicial seats, Georgia voters once again have an opportunity to choose their champion. 

The chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee announced he was running for election to challenge Rep. Mondaire Jones, the type of incumbent Democratic House candidate the group was created to support.

For those who may not see the point of engaging in the process, voting in primaries is often an opportunity to choose your champion.

In the entire 233 years that the U.S. Senate has existed, there have only been 11 senators who are Black. Cheri Beasley in North Carolina and Charles Booker in Kentucky could change all of that after winning their respective Democratic primaries.

Speaking to supporters a little after midnight, Lee focused her remarks on the power of Black women as leaders and coalition builders.