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Confusing Ballots In Palm Beach Fla Again Full story after the jump…

Black Youth Vote For Obama, 3:37 pm Click here for full post. For videos from NCBCP, click here. Watch a video of a Black Youth Vote member talk about the election: Illai Reports Machine Malfunctioning, Incorrect Rosters, Long Lines, 2:37 pm Click here for the full posts. Nia Robinson Has Updates From Florida and Alabama, […]

I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. She told me that they had taken me off the registrar in Massachusetts because I had not returned census documents in 4 years. Even though I was saved two 5 hour bus rides and 3 hours in line, I was disappointed and depressed.

A new video paints Barack Obama as Superman and Bush, Cheney and McCain as villains. It uses speeches and quotes from Barack Obama as well as George Bush, John McCain and Dick Cheney and footage from the Superman movie.

Lines stretched around buildings and crossed city blocks as people waited to cast ballots in the historic presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Touchscreen voting machines malfunctioned in some precincts, yet voting Tuesday appeared to go smoothly overall. The biggest trouble was big crowds. But folks seemed to take it in stride.

The first time I voted in an election-casting a vote for the Reverend Jesse Jackson in the 1984 New York State Democratic Primary-I can’t say that I fully appreciated the significance of my vote. As an 18-year-old though, casting my vote for someone who looked liked me and who, more importantly, shared my values and […]

The world was riveted by the election drama unfolding Tuesday in the United States, inspired by Barack Obama or simply relieved that — whoever wins — the Bush administration was coming to an end.

Barack Obama referred to his grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who passed away yesterday as a quiet hero. He said ‘She was on of those quiet heroes that we have all across America..they’re not famous Americans, their names aren’t in the newspapers, but each and every day they work hard. They look after their families. They sacrifice […]

UPDATE: Obama Tells Newsweek: ‘It’ll be fun to see how the story ends’ THE OBAMAS VOTE Barack and Michelle Obama voted today in Chicago. They took their daughter Malia with them. Sounds like a new trend, take your daughter to vote today. Watch Barack and Michelle Vote After the Jump

According to FBI spokespeople, death threats against presidents and presidential candidates are routine. Barack Obama is certainly no exception. On the contrary, the Illinois senator was given more FBI protection earlier in the campaign season than any candidate in history because of the consistency of threats against him. Why, then, should a toothless, absurd plot […]

If McCain wins . . . I’ll stare at the TV in shock. Then . . .

CHICAGO (AP) — Long lines have formed as polls open in Eastern states as John McCain is counting on a narrow path to an upset victory today while Barack Obama pinned his hopes for becoming the nation’s first black president on a ground organization designed to swell precincts with voters across the country.