blogger Reverend Al Sharpton is reportedly being lined up to host a nightly talkshow on MSNBC. Sharpton has guest-hosted MSNBC’s 6pm hour for the last two weeks while regular anchor Cenk Uygur was on vacation, but insiders now tell TV Newser that Sharpton is being considered to permanently take over the position. A spokeswoman […]

Every so often a so-called “blue-eyed soul” singer appears out of nowhere accelerating themselves to the top of a Black genre and pushing the music into the mainstream. With their success comes resentment from those who feel Black artists should receive the same sort of profits from their cultural capital. Despite these conversations on race and […]

Black Enterprise released its annual “Best Companies For Diversity,” the top 40 companies that are inclusive for minorities, and as an addition, whether they rate on the Human Rights Campaign’s Best Places to Work with regard to the LGBT community. Some familiar companies that made the list include Allstate Corp., American Express Inc., AT&T, JPMorgan […]

CHICAGO — Police in the nation’s third largest city say overall crime was down 4.2 percent last month compared with a year ago, making it the 30th consecutive month that most categories of crime have dropped in Chicago. Preliminary data released Sunday shows that homicides fell by 14.4 percent last month compared with June 2010. […]

A white New York City man is claiming that a gang of Black youth attacked him on a subway because of his race. “Everyone on the train was egging them on,” said Jason Fordell, 29, of the early-morning attack on the 4 train. Fordell said he was returning home on the train at 5 a.m. […]

Watching Republicans and Democrats squabble over their ideological battle lines with regard to the debt ceiling is the same as looking at a bratty child fall out in the middle of the floor with a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get his way. On one hand, Republicans are trying desperately to hold on to their […]

On the occassion of his 93rd birthday, the entire country of South Africa celebrated its most prized national figure, anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela. Close to 12 million students sang “Happy Birthday” to Mandela before school began that day. But one of the many things African students — and people all across the world can look towards […]

BROOKLYN — Actor Anthony Mackie, star of the Oscar award winning movie, “The Hurt Locker,” has shown that he is a true renaissance man with the opening of his Crown Heights, Brooklyn Bar, Nobar. Not only did Mackie build the bar with his own hands using his own carpentry skills but last Saturday, he also […]

NEW HAVEN, CT- — For the parents of three-year-old Maliki Sessions, their guardian angel came in the form of 911 dispatcher David Mancini. Maliki accidentally fell into the family pool and began to drown, and he was later rescued by a family member as his father called 911. Video Below: Visit for breaking news, […]

NEW YORK — New York Fire Department Commissioner Salvatore Cassano urged African-Americans and women to apply to become firefighters. Cassano touted a new hiring exam aimed at diversifying the FDNY. The exam, however, must be approved by a judge. The FDNY has long been accused of discriminating against minorities, eventually causing a judge to rule […]

WASHINGTON DC — Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggested to members of Congress on Friday that President Obama is being treated unfairly in debt negotiations because of his race. As Jackson and many members of the Black community see it, Republican’s reluctance to raise the debt ceiling when it has been raised numerous times for other […]

Between the “birther” movement attacking President Obama’s citizenship, and The Family Leader’s statement on the condition of the Black family, political myths regarding African-Americans have become an emblematic trend. Here’s a list of eight political myths that continue to handicap the African-American community. Some include claims that Blacks are the biggest benefactors of government assistance […]