As a grand jury hears evidence against Daniel Penny, New York City has a history of grand jury decisions centered on vigilante subway violence and a chokehold death. Bernard Goetz and Eric Garner, anyone?

After June, fans will no longer see Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports' popular talk show "Undisputed." Something good is likely on the horizon for "Unc."

An employee at the Dubuque Hempstead High School in Iowa has been placed on leave after calling a Black student the N-word.

Bill Cosby is facing more legal trouble, as he's just been sued for rape in Los Angeles County by former Playboy model Victoria Valentino, who alleges the disgraced comedian drugged her before a sexual assault.

Ye’s top-secret Christian school Donda Academy is once again under fire after a third lawsuit from a former teacher surfaced this week.

With Allen v. Milligan, securing permanent federal voting protections and expanding local elections accessibility is imperative. Many in the nation are bracing themselves for a decision.

The cinematographer and director was the first Black woman To write and produce a full-length independent film.

Jacky Oh's death spotlights how often Black folks get plastic surgery and their preferred procedures.

The Black boy, 14, was killed by a store owner in South Carolina. 

Nearly 60 Black colleges were affected.

The NAACP determined Florida is "hostile to Black Americans."

The teen who refused to give his Citi Bike bike to Sarah Jane Comrie and his family spoke out about the viral incident.

Award-winning author and journalist asha bandele remembers Harry Belafonte as a master strategist.

Award-winning journalist Jemele Hill gets candid in an exclusive interview for NewsOne's inaugural digital cover.

UPDATE 06-10-13 — 3:00 A.M. EST: NAN To Protest Brutality In Front Of Natchez-Adams County Miss. Sheriff’s Dept. [VIDEO] ———————————————————————————————————————– UPDATE 06-04-13 — 10:00 P.M. EST: Ms. Pernell-Simmons has been released from jail. The Mississippi Chapter of NAN plans to return to Natchez, MS for another rally. ———————————————— UPDATE 06-04-13 — 7:55 A.M. EST: NewsOne […]

Indiana Pacer, Roy Hibbert (pictured), is apparently oblivious to the hardline that is being taken by sports teams against homophobic language. The All-Star center was fined $75,000 by the NBA for “using inappropriate and vulgar language” for his remarks during a post-game press conference after his team’s victory over the Miami Heat Saturday night in game six. Hibbert, […]


When Whitney Mitchell (pictured) lost her arms and legs to an illness two and a half years ago, she was pursuing a career in dance. Her life has taken a different path since then, but she continues to dream big. Mitchell just took her first steps a few weeks ago with her new prosthetic legs. […]


Francisco Diego, Jr. (pictured) was electrocuted and struck by a train as he attempted to retrieve his iPhone that had dropped onto subway train tracks early Saturday morning, reports The Inquisitr. SEE ALSO: Angela Bofill Continues To Entertain, Even Without Her Signature Voice Diego, who went by the name of “Tech Trackz,” was waiting to […]

When Linda Henry (pictured) of Westwego, La., was viciously attacked by three of her four pitbulls last March, the attack left her without an eye, ear and armless. Bitten throughout her torso, the dogs’ bites were so deep that parts of the 54-year-old woman’s bones from her arms and legs were exposed. Henry recounted to WGNO the […]

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When Angela Bofill (pictured) stepped on to the stage of “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” in 1979 to sing her hit single “Try Me,” her fans knew she would sing the lights out. But she ended up doing much more. RELATED: How To Avoid A Stoke Angela sang her heart out. From the very […]

Jon-Christopher Sowells (pictured) took a test drive that he’ll never forget! The Gwinnett County, Ga., man went shopping for a BMW and decided to take the car for a test drive. What happened next was disturbing. The cops pulled him over and cuffed him for obstruction, according to the GA Daily News. SEE ALSO: Tayloni […]


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