Black Twitter thinks Joe Biden mispronounced the name "Ebenezer Baptist Church" during his speech in Atlanta to discuss the state of voting rights in America.

Some of the leading advocates who have long sounded the alarm about the urgency for Congress to advance any bills on voting rights are skipping Biden's speech in Atlanta about voting rights, suggesting the president's words are too little, too late.

President Biden's extension of a moratorium on federal student loan debt payments falls short of demands to cancel it altogether as the racial wealth gap continues to widen. Studies show that Black students are affected the most by student debt.

The president's comments Friday reflect a significant turn from early remarks such as telling people they will have to out-organize voter suppression yet again.  

U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona's visit to "The Breakfast Club" touting the Biden Administration's purported dedication to HBCUs exposed his ignorance about the recent student-led protests at Howard University.

Symone Sanders, the chief spokesperson for Kamala Harris and a fiercely loyal member of President Joe Biden's team, will be resigning from her position at the end of the year as the vice president faces a growing number of questions about her future.

Biden has the Congressional Black Caucus to thank for the final push. Black lawmakers negotiated with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to sign off on the bill to pour trillions of dollars into damaged roads, bridges, tunnels, and transit. Initially, Democrats were steadfast in their decision to pass the infrastructure bill and the president social welfare and climate change proposal estimated at $1.85 trillion. Still, the idea was shot down by House officials. Black Caucus members pushed for Pelosi to pass the bill immediately and then hold a vote for the larger climate bill hopefully come mid-November, The New York Times noted.

President Biden attending the COP25 United Nations Climate Change conference in Glasgow is drawing attention to the myriad ways global warming directly affects Black people.

Channeling her inner Kanye West circa 2005, freshman progressive Missouri Rep. Cori Bush effectively said in a public letter that Joe Manchin doesn't care about Black people if he doesn't support Biden's Build Back Better legislation.

Civil rights groups and leaders who have been advocating for fair elections were given a glimmer of hope on Thursday when President Joe Biden seemingly signaled his support for finally ending the filibuster.

Holding elected officials accountable is a part of the Democratic system. But part of the accountability process is getting the facts straight.  The current issue involving HBCU funding has to do with implementing Biden's Build Back Better Plan and the reconciliation budget process making its way through Congress.

Joe Biden's presidency hasn't translated into safeguarding Black asylum seekers from the throes of American ethnocentrism, racism and bigotry. Instead, it's catapulted them to the center of it.