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Can you feel it? The crisp fall air is seeping in and the leaves are starting to turn. It’s the perfect time to hit up your local coffee shop for that seasonal pumpkin spice latte or to round up the family for an apple-picking excursion.

For Black families, the fall season offers a unique opportunity to celebrate both the traditions of this season and the richness of their cultural heritage.

Whether you’re looking for traditional activities or new ways to bond, countless family-friendly adventures are awaiting you this autumn.

We have a few ideas that will help you to plan the perfect family outing this fall but remember. The most important thing is to enjoy quality time with your loved ones. These activities can be adapted to suit the interests and ages of your family members, making for a memorable and meaningful autumn season together.

Look for local harvest festivals or fairs in your area.

These events often feature live music, food vendors, games and activities for kids. What is a harvest festival you ask? The annual event typically takes place in the fall at the time of a harvest, or when crops are cut and collected from the fields, Cambridge Dictionary notes. 

During the ceremony, local farmers and community members gather together to celebrate the rich and fresh food that is grown on the land in the community. Using the fruitful crops from the harvest, families will create a big feast to celebrate the joyful occasion.  

According to Twinkl, the Harvest Festival dates back to Pagan times before the English monarchy converted to Christianity around the 7th Century. Over the years, the Harvest Festival has become an integral part of church traditions across England and other parts of the globe. 

Lammas Day — which is typically celebrated on Aug. 1 — is a tradition during the Harvest Festival where community members take a loaf of bread to their local church service as a form of communion and to celebrate the bountiful crops grown, according to Metro UK. 

During St. Michael Mass — which takes place at the end of the Harvest season— families come together to eat a big meal in honor of the fruitful season.

“People often eat geese on this day, celebrate with fairs, market stalls and decorate churches with autumnal colors and produce,” the outlet notes. 

Lucky for you, there are plenty of Harvest Festivals going on in different parts of the world. Check out this list to see if events are happening in your area. 

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1. Apple Picking

Farmer's Hand Picking Ripe Apples and Puts it in the Basket. Apple Orchard. Harvesting. Big Red delicious Apples Hanging in Tree Branch. Fruit Garden at Fall Harvest. Autumn Cloudy Day, Soft Shadow Source:Getty

Head to an apple orchard and pick your own apples. It’s a great way to enjoy the crisp fall air while bonding with your loved ones. You can then use your freshly picked apples to make pies, crisps, or cider.

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins in the garden. Close-up. Autumn background. Source:Getty

Spend a day at a local pumpkin patch, where you can pick out the perfect pumpkins for carving or decorating. Many pumpkin patches also offer hayrides, corn mazes and other fun activities.

3. Fall Foliage Hike

Lovers on a walk in nature in autumn. Source:Getty

Explore the beauty of the changing leaves with a family hike. Choose a scenic trail or park and immerse yourselves in the vibrant colors of the season.

4. Bonfire and S’mores

Night out with roasted marshmallows around bonfire. Cropped women hands holding sweet marshmallows on sticks near fire outdoors Source:Getty

Gather around a cozy bonfire in your backyard or at a designated campsite. Roast marshmallows and create delicious s’mores while sharing stories and laughs.

5. Fall Craft Day

Children choosing colors in a paint palette with a brush enjoying art at home. Source:Getty

Organize a craft day at home, where you can create autumn-themed decorations, such as wreaths, centerpieces, or hand-painted pumpkins. Crafting together is a great way to express creativity and spend quality time.

6. Fall Baking

Homemade apple pie in cast iron skillet, traditional autumn and winter cozy dessert Source:Getty

Spend time in the kitchen together, preparing hearty fall recipes like chili, homemade soups, or sweet potato pie. Cooking and baking can be a delicious and educational family activity.

7. Scary Story Time

Cute halloween ghost seamless pattern vector illustration. Design for kids, sweet home decor projects Source:Getty

Gather around a campfire or in a dimly lit room and take turns telling spooky stories. It’s a great way to celebrate the Halloween season and share some chills and thrills.

8. Movie Night

Couple relaxing on the couch at home, watching sports and cheer for their team Source:Getty

Gather around the TV and watch some of your favorite fall movies with the family. If you have a backyard, set up an outdoor movie screening. Cozy up with blankets and pillows and enjoy a classic family-friendly flick. Throw in a few horror movies in honor of the spooky season, t00 — age-appropriate of course.

9. Community Service

Volunteers putting various dry food in donation box for help people. Source:Getty

Fall is a perfect time to give back to the community. Consider volunteering as a family at a local shelter, food bank, or other charity to help those in need.