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19 Glorious Common Quotes To Live By  was originally published on

1. “I know enough to know I don’t know much.” [Def Poetry Jam]

2. “Everyday women and men become legends.” [“Glory”]

3. “Asked my guy how he thought travellin the world sound/ Found it hard to imagine he hadn’t been past downtown.” [“Respiration”]

4. “Hunger in they eyes is what seems to feed me.” [“The People”]

5. “I watched ‘Crash’ and realize that we all survivors/ No religion or race could ever describe us. [“Forever Begins”]

6. “They say ‘life is a game,’ so I play hard.” [“They Say”]

7. “Playing on a field of hard times/ These struggles like the yard line/ that I gain from/ Nowhere is where I came from.” [“Any Given Sunday”]

8. “By the foes I was told, either focus or fold.” [“The Corner”]

9. “It’s the games nature/ When you’re glowin’ some will love and some will hate ya.” [“Real People”]

10. “Life is an obstacle/ As I maneuver through the manure I try to be responsible. [“Book of Life”]

11. “In relationships, I stand my ground. For example, I like to go to church on New Year’s Eve—to spend that time with God. My ex would always want me to go somewhere with her instead, and when I did, I’d regret it. Now I’ll just say to a woman I’m dating, ‘I’m going to church—and I’ll meet you right after.’” [Interview, Oprah]