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See every time Obama has enjoyed a beer in and out of the White House.

1. Ice Cold

US Democratic presidential candidate Ill Source:Getty

Barack shares a drink with local residents at Raleigh Times bar in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2008.

2. Guten Tag!

G7 Summit in Germany Source:Getty

Barack drinks German beer with the Bavarian locals before the G7 summit in 2015.

3. Irish Eyes

US President Barack Obama reacts after t Source:Getty

Barack makes a stop in his ancestor’s hometown in Ireland for a delicious pint of Guinness on his European tour in 2011.

4. Game Time

United States v Brazil - Men's Exhibition Game Source:Getty

Barack enjoys a beer while attending a pre-Olympic basketball game in 2012.

5. Chow Down

US President Barack Obama (C) gets a bee Source:Getty

Barack grabs himself a pork chop and a beer during a campaign stop at the Iowa State Fair in 2012.

6. Cheers!

Barack Obama Campaigns In Remaining Primary States Source:Getty

Barack toasts with supporters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania during his 2008 presidential campaign.

7. Drunk In Love

President Obama Visit To Ireland - Day One Source:Getty

Michelle joins Barack for a Guinness on a trip to Ireland.

8. More Guinness Please

US President Barack Obama drinks a Guinn Source:Getty

Barack apparently really likes Guinness.

9. When In Florida…


Another campaign stop, another beer.

10. Friends Who Drink Together…


Barack and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper share a toast in 2014.

11. Making Up

Obama Meets Over Beer With Harvard Prof. Gates And Cambridge Police Officer Source:Getty

Barack shares a drink with Professor Henry Louis Gates and Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley the White House in 2009.

12. Cheers, Mate

US President Barack Obama and British Pr Source:Getty

Barack trades bottles of beer with British Prime Minister David Cameron to settle a bet on the US-UK World Cup soccer game in 2010.

13. Bottoms Up

President Obama Attends NBA Game Source:Getty

Barack sips a beer while at the Chicago Bulls game in 2009.

14. Ohioans Do It Better


What else would Barack do at a 2012 campaign stop in Ohio?

15. Salut!

US President Barack Obama (2nd R) clinks Source:Getty

Barack shares a glass with unemployed Floridian construction workers in 2011.