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What started out as a card game has become a hot topic on Black Twitter. The topic in question? Potentially having your Black card revoked for doing things, watching things, saying things or participating in things that jokingly warrant your acceptance into the culture to be up for debate.

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“Don’t revoke my black card” began trending on Black Twitter on Thursday, and simply typing in those five words into the search bar will send you on a humor-filled ride as folks are shamelessly unleashing confessions that might cause a side eye or three.

The trending topic is a play on the actual card game, Black Card Revoked. The game is described as “revitalized trivia” for African Americans. “It is a fun, nostalgia-filled card game that tests knowledge of cultural milestones and know-how within American Black popular culture. Spanning history, daily life, and entertainment, this questions-based game will spark debate by challenging participant’s understanding of influential moments, facts and figures,” according to the game’s description on Target’s website.

The game later transitioned into America’s first Black culture trivia television game show in 2018.

Nonetheless, folks have come forward revealing anything from they’ve never seen an episode of “Martin” to they have never eaten collard greens. Oh, and someone spelled chitlins’ as chitterlings. And while that might be the proper dictionary spelling, that clearly isn’t how Black folks spell or pronounce the Southern dish, made from the small intestines of a pig.

One Twitter user said, “Don’t revoke my Black Card but I can’t play spades.”

Another listed all of the Southern dishes that she skips over during the holiday season. “Don’t revoke my black card but I hate collard greens, black eye peas, baked beans and yams… I basically don’t eat during the holidays,” she wrote.

A third user expressed how displeased he is with a plethora of meats that some would consider Southern staples. He also revealed that he used to get in trouble for refusing to eat them. “Don’t revoke my black card but I hate neck bones, pig feet, fat back (I used to get my a** beat for not eating it, baked turkey wings cause the skin be all soft and saggy. and I don’t like pork ribs cause of the fat, I normally just spit it out once I taste the fat,” he said.

While the topic is clearly playful, it further supports the notion that Black folks are not a monolith.

Check out more responses to what could potentially get some folks’ Black card revoked below.