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The story reads like a script for a sequel to “Get Out”: An NFL player falls in love with a white woman, proposes to her on national television and days later racist social media posts rise all the way up to the swirly surface. If this isn’t a sign to get out, nothing is.

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Only two days ago, Charles Leno from the Chicago Bears proposed to his girlfriend Jennifer Roth. On live television, he got down on one knee in the middle of Soldier’s Field and popped the question. Of course, she said yes. The 27-year-old pro football player posted the photo on Twitter, see below:

See the video of the actual proposal.

This public proposal for the offensive tackle, who signed a $38 million extension deal with the Bears last year, may not have been the best idea. Leno received tons of backlash online, from Nazis to Black women, for proposing to a white woman. However, yesterday, the backlash took another turn.

Twenty-four hours later, several tweets surfaced of her using the N-word, calling Black people ghetto and saying how “Black guys treat white girls on campus,” how she would go back to dating white guys and much more. Yep, this is his future wife. See below:

Clearly, these tweets should be a red flag for Leno, who did not comment immediately on her racist past.

Nowadays, Roth has taken the time to brag about her rich, NFL player boo in a blog titled, “Through the Lens of Jens (sic) Life.” She even wrote about the multi-millionaire dollar extension.

“Charles Leno Jr aka Len, is my wonderful boyfriend who is also the Left Tackle for the Chicago Bears,” she wrote. “He has been in this wonderful city of Chicago for 4 years & I am excited to say, he will be here for another 4 as he signed an extension in the preseason of last year!”

Yep, we are sure you are excited about all those coins.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Roth holds sports management degrees from Columbia College Chicago and Eastern Illinois University but works at City Barbecue in Deerfield, Illinois. Her intro described herself as an “Experienced Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the sports industry and non-profit sector.”

Back on Nov. 8, Roth seemed to know she was going to get a proposal. See her Facebook page:

Let’s hope Leno gets a prenup.

Twitter was obviously on fire with this now-controversial interracial romance. See the reactions below of Roth’s past being exposed.