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It’s barely been two weeks since Herman Cain died after a COVID-19 diagnosis, and already his Twitter account has continued its regular programming.

Back in July, Cain passed away at 74 years old after being hospitalized with the coronavirus. As a Republican, Cain was once considered by President Donald Trump for the Federal Reserve Board. Despite his nomination being withdrawn, Cain continued to spew pro-Trump politics and one of his last major appearances was at a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The former business executive tweeted a photo of himself at the event and he was surrounded by other attendees, none of whom were sporting a mask or protective gear in the photo. “Here’s just a few of the #BlackVoicesForTrump at tonight’s rally! Having a fantastic time,” he wrote in the tweet. 


Less than two weeks later, Cain was diagnosed with the coronavirus and later hospitalized. The Trump campaign claimed that the rally crowd had their temperatures checked upon entry, and masks and hand sanitizers were distributed but not required for use. In a July 2 statement, Cain’s camp said “There is no way of knowing for sure how or where Mr. Cain contracted the coronavirus.” By July 30, Cain was dead at 74.

However, by Wednesday evening, the dead seemed to be “resurrected” because Cain’s Twitter account made time to tweet an article from the site promoting a Trump campaign ad that bashes Joe Biden. “Just in case you thought Biden’s candidacy was going to be anything other than completely nuts, team Trump has released a new video,” the tweet was captioned. 

When the tweet was first sent out on Wednesday evening, the Twitter account was still under Herman Cain’s name and it was accompanied by his picture. This left many folks baffled at how Cain was tweeting from beyond the grave.

“Aren’t you dead?” comedian David Alan Grier tweeted in response.


“Oh! And here I thought only Lazarus & Jesus were the only ones resurrected from the grave…I stand corrected,” teased another Twitter user @DarleneATL.


Granted, the Herman Cain Twitter account has continued tweeting since Cain’s death, but the tweets were mostly made up of tributes and reflections on Cain’s life. With the account’s tweet about Biden, it was clear that the Republican brand was back on the offense with pro-Trump politics.

By Thursday morning, Herman McCain’s name on Twitter was changed to “The Cain Gang” and the words were reproduced via graphic text for the Twitter account’s photo.

According to an August 11 post from Cain’s daughter, Dr. Melanie Cain Gallo, on his website:

“We’ve decided here at Cain HQ that we will go on using this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in.”

She added:

“The site and our social media platforms will now go under the name The Cain Gang. Dad came up with this name himself. He truly valued the sharp, creative, insightful minds of his editorial team and he would not want them to stop doing what they do best!”

Dr. Cain Gallo went on to say that the “voices” of the Cain Gang will include editor Dan Calabrese, writer Robert Laurie, Michelle Cohl as managing editor, and Dr. Cain Gallo as another writer.

“We are his team, and he’ll always be our leader. He would have wanted us to do this,” Dr. Cain Gallo ended her post. “And that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

People on Twitter still came through with some hilarious tweets concerning Cain’s revived social media. It might’ve been a good idea to change the picture and name of the deceased before rebranding, no?

Check out the commentary below.