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A new video making the rounds on social media shows a self-identified employee of the same sunken organization that employs Candace Owens belligerently approaching Sen. Kamala Harris and attempting to aggressively interrogate about her stance on immigration.

Anna Paulina, director of Hispanic engagement for Turning Point USA, posted a video to Twitter on Saturday night showing her confronting Harris in an airport while the Democratic candidate was trying to take a photo with some supporters. But Paulina’s attempt at putting Harris under the false pretense of discussing the treatment of children at the U.S. border quickly backfired on multiple levels.

In the video, Harris was pleasant to Paulina when approached and politely told her, “I’m taking a picture.” But that apparently wasn’t enough for Paulina, who continued berating Harris until one of the senator’s senior advisers was forced to physically intervene by standing between them.

“Those ladies asked to take a picture before you walked up,” Laphonza Butler calmly explained while Paulina continued her verbal assault.

“I don’t care, you’re in my way, don’t talk to me,” Paulina shot back before trying to walk around Butler to continue menacing and pointing at Harris while rattling off wildly inaccurate and unsupported accusations. “She is damaging what is happening to women and children at the border. She is promoting reunification with child sex traffickers.”

Harris, clearly not bothered, can be seen paying attention to everything but Paulina’s belligerence that had by that point began to cause a public scene in the airport. It was not immediately clear at which airport the video was recorded.

As Harris took photos with other supporters, Paulina was still shouting at her to absolutely no avail.

“Shame on you. … You’re not gonna win,” Paulina insisted as the camera panned down to the empty bag of Doritos she was apparently holding the entire time — a moment of unintentional levity not missed by eagle-eyed social media users.

See the video below that Paulina posted Saturday night.

To be clear, Harris’ stance against the treatment of children at the U.S. border has been well-documented. She questioned Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) Commissioner Kevin McAleenan during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing just last month about the horrifying conditions migrant children faced after being detained at the border.

Paulina apparently missed that very public exchange between Harris and McAleenan. It clearly underscored Harris’ overt opposition to what she called “an unsafe condition” for migrant children separated from their families at the border and detained in facilities where they “face freezing temperatures, limited access to food and water, and verbal and physical assault.”

Perhaps the best part of the sad video attempt to publicly shame Harris was the response from social media users, who promptly dubbed Paulina “Airport Anna” and reacted by donating to the senator’s presidential campaign. Scroll down to see some of the best reactions to Paulina’s pitiful video.