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They don’t call them man’s best friends for nothin’. We love every inch of them, from their fluffy coats and precious paws to their rambunctious yelps and adorable wagging tails. Dogs make incredible pets and can provide a level of emotional support to those in need.

And to honor National Dog Day, which comes every year on Aug. 26, we’re taking a look at some Black celebrities who love their fluffy four-legged pooches as much as we do.

It’s estimated that there are more than 900 million dogs around the globe, according to the Pet Pedia website, and they all come in different sizes and in more than 150 different breeds. Sometimes we get so attached to our pets that we even consider them to be a part of our families. A recent study compiled by CNBC suggested that pet adoption soared during the pandemic too, with Millenials causing the sudden boom. 89% of surveyed Americans said they decided to adopt a furry friend to feel a little less lonely during the pandemic. This makes total sense as dogs certainly make for great companions–and for some, dogs are necessary — especially for people who might suffer from disorders like anxiety and depression. Research has shown that companion dogs can aid in improving the quality of life of their owners by “giving them back a sense of independence and some freedom from their disorder,” US Service Animals notes.

According to The Humane Society of the United States, “63.4 million American households own at least one dog.” Taking care of our previous barky loved ones often comes with a hefty price tag too. APPA annual statistics show that pet-owners spent nearly $30.2 billion on vet expenses and products in 2020, but what can we do? We have to make sure our doggies make it for their annual visits, and serious dog owners know that preventative care check-ups are vital for the well-being of their beloved fur babies.

So what are your favorite dogs? Do you fall in love every time you see a Corky wobbling down the street or do you stare in awe at a Dalmatian as it walks by with its beautiful black and white spots? Maybe you’re into Bloodhounds and their droopy ears and eyes, or maybe you like them fuzzy and small like Pekingnese or York Terriers. Whatever you fancy, there’s a little doggy made for everyone out there.

Let’s take a look at some famous dog lovers who are absolutely obsessed with their fuzzy loved ones.

1. Simone Biles


After Simone Biles finishes dominating the Olympic floor with her gold medal moves, the 7-time-all around champion goes home to play with her two fluffy friends. Biles owns a French Bulldog named Lilo and Golden Retriever named Kea.

2. Megan Thee Stallion

Beautycon Festival Los Angeles 2019 - Day 2 Source:Getty

The rapper and Grammy-Award-winning artist welcomed an adorable French bulldog named 4oe into her home last year. The precious pup even has an Instagram for fans to follow his day-to-day adventures. 4oe shined alongside the star back in July when he appeared in a fashion campaign for Gucci and Bape’s recent collaborative line. 

3. Taye Diggs

2021 Sports Humanitarian Awards Source:Getty

The “Private Practice” star and actor absolutely adores dogs. He owns a Golden Retriever named Mixty. In 2018, Taye Diggs partnered up with animal health nutrition company Royal Canin to help people looking to adopt a dog make the best decisions when creating a healthy home for their new fur babies.

4. Ciara

2019 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals Source:Getty

Ciara owns, not one, not two but three Great Danes! The star recently hired celebrity dog trainer Cesar Milan to help train her massive doggies.

5. Usher

"Burden" Atlanta Red Carpet Screening Source:Getty

Usher is “soo caught up” with his precious Golden-Doodle Scarlett. The “Yeah” crooner bought the fluffy pup back in 2018 and they have been inseparable since.

“She’s my road dog, man,” Usher told PEOPLE about his loyal pooch. “Some of my hardest times, she is always there with me.”

Scarlett came with a hefty price tag too. The star reportedly paid $12,000 to take the special  Golden-Retriever and Poodle mix home according to US Weekly.

6. Rihanna

The Fashion Awards 2019 - Red Carpet Arrivals Source:Getty

The Fenty Beauty founder reportedly owns two dogs— a Maltese-Poodle mix named Oliver and a precious little dog named Pepe, but his breed remains unknown.

7. President Obama

President Obama Pardons National Thanksgiving Turkey Source:Getty

Although he’s no longer with us, we’d be remiss not to give an honorable mention to Bo, the former President’s family dog. The beloved Portuguese water breed came into office with the Obamas when the family first welcomed him in 2009 and he remained the most trusted companion to the President all the way until his death in May of this year.  Following Bo’s passing Michelle Obama wrote an emotional letter detailing just how important the tall fluffy pooch meant to the family. 

“For more than a decade, Bo was a constant, comforting presence in our lives,” the statement read. “He was there when the girls came home from school, greeting them with a wag. He was there when Barack and I needed a break, sauntering into one of our offices like he owned the place, a ball clamped firmly in his teeth. He was there when we flew on Air Force One, when tens of thousands flocked to the South Lawn for the Easter Egg Roll, and when the Pope came to visit. And when our lives slowed down, he was there, too—helping us see the girls off to college and adjust to life as empty nesters.”

8. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Speaks On Ellen DeGeneres Amid Racial And Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Show Source:(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

Kevin Hart owns two strong Dobermans named Roxy and Roscoe and they look like they stay glued to the star at any given moment!