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OJ Simpson has joined Twitter and some folks are disturbed. The 71-year-old created the social media account the week of the 25th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s murder.

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The account was started yesterday with a video where he said, “It should be a lot of fun, I’ve got a little getting even to do.” See below:

In case you missed it, 25 years ago this week Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman were both found dead in her southern California home. Simpson caught the country’s attention by leading police on a slow, lengthy car chase that many found incriminating before he was arrested and taken into custody as the prime suspect for the killings. What resulted was the trial of the century and and divided people along racial lines. reported, “Testimony in the trial took almost nine months, encompassing about 120 witnesses, 45,000 pages of evidence and 1,100 exhibits. But the jury of 10 women and two men, comprising nine Blacks, two whites and one Hispanic.”

It took less than four hours to acquit him of all charges. See the clip below:

This week, Ron Goldman’s father, Fred, told FOX Business Maria Bartiromo, “I refer to him as the killer because that’s who he is – he’s a killer.” He also said about his son, “All of his dreams were not fulfilled, he’s missed daily. [He] likely … would be married with kids. He would be running his own business. He had a business planned, he had all the plans ready to go. So he’d be doing all of that and everybody that knew him would continue to enjoy him.”

OJ did serve time in prison for another crime. In July of 2017, the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners unanimously voted to release Simpson, who served nine years of a 33-year sentence. Simpson was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery in a botched attempt, at what he said, was an effort to collect personal items form a memorabilia dealer.

Just a few months out of prison, he was drinking at Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas when he was kicked out for causing a scene. Sources claim he got drunk and unruly with the hotel staff and began breaking glasses. Luckily, Simpson wasn’t in violation of his parole.

There is definitely some outrage over OJ being on social media, see the reactions below: