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UPDATED: 10:12 a.m. ET, Jan. 17, 2020 —

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was celebrating her birthday on Friday. And if you forgot to send your best wishes, her husband — a guy you might have heard of who goes by the name of Barack Obama — made sure everyone knew how much he loves his wife.

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By using some clever wordplay to profess his devotion to his better half, the 44th president of the United States tweeted four images of the lovebirds posturing for the camera in apparent marital bliss that should be relationship goals for everyone.

“In every scene, you are my star,” he tweeted to his 112 million followers about our forever first lady. “Happy birthday, baby!”

With their polar opposites running the White House, this genuine public display of affection from our Forever First Couple was a nice change of pace as Obama’s successor prepares to defend himself in a Senate impeachment trial and the current first lady keeps herself scarce.

So while Trump is making American hate again, we are trying to do the opposite. Here are nine reasons why we will always love Michelle Obama.

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1. Amazing Speeches


Michelle always knows the right things to say to leave a crowd feeling hopeful and inspired. Her speeches over the years have been so remarkable, some called for her to run for president in 2020 — although she said she has no desire to run.

2. Flawless Fashions

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For the first time in the country’s history, the First Lady embodied as much fashion sense as she did class. Jackie O was fashionable (in a prim & proper way), but Michelle Obama’s glam was so amazing that it’s been deemed “The Obama Effect.”

3. Health Initiatives

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While at the White House, Michelle Obama focused on the health of the country’s youth. Her Let’s Move initiative aimed to reduce childhood obesity and encourage a healthy lifestyle in children. She even teamed up with Beyonce for the dance-worthy campaign.

4. Her Cool Friends

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What other FLOTUS do you know who has friendships with some of the biggest nstars of our time? From Beyonce to Kerry Washington to Missy Elliott, Michelle Obama’s hotline is always blinging with A-list friends.

5. Black Girl Magic

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Michelle Obama’s unapologetic Blackness is one of her most memorable and admirable qualities. She’s never been shy about embracing her Black girl magic and letting it shine for the world to see.

6. Supporting Barack

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They say behind every great man is a great woman; but for Michelle, she’s always standing right next to husband Barack Obama, supporting him through thick and thin. That’s love.

7. Mom Goals

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Raising two teenage girls in the public eye has to be one of the most challenging things in the world, but Michelle Obama makes it look effortless. We all love Malia and Sasha!

8. Memorable TV Appearances

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From Jimmy Fallon to Sesame Street, FLOTUS’s TV appearances over her two terms in the White House were all iconic, hilarious and unprecedented.

9. Iconic

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As the first African-American First Lady of the United States, it’s safe to say that Michelle Obama did an impeccable job holding everything down with grace, ease and pure elegance. There will never be another like Mrs. O!