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Failed Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin received a dragging on social media for calling Stacey Abrams a “literal loser” on Tuesday. Her comment came after the Democrats chose Abrams to deliver the rebuttal to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address next month.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York was one of the party leaders behind the decision to invite Abrams to deliver the speech.

“She is just a great spokesperson. She’s an incredible leader. She has led the charge for voting rights, which is at the root of just about everything else. … I’m very excited that she’s agreed to be the respondent to the president,” Schumer told reporters, according to the Washington Post.

Palin became a darling of the far-right after Sen. John McCain chose her as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election. During the campaign, she displayed a serious lack of knowledge about public policy and current affairs. She often babbled incoherently during media interviews. However, she connected with that part of the Republican base that thinly veils its bigotry.

“Chuck Schumer Wants A LITERAL LOSER To Deliver The Democratic SOTU Response,” Palin tweeted.

Abrams fell short of winning the Georgia governorship in 2018. Gov. Brian Kemp, Abrams’ Republican rival, also oversaw the election as Georgia’s secretary of state. In that role, he tried to use every trick in the book to suppress the Black vote. Those efforts helped him win the race with just 50.2 percent of the vote.

Nevertheless, Abrams has emerged as a rising star in the party after displaying her ability to turn deep red Georgia into a state where Democrats can complete. Schumer and other top party leaders have reportedly tried to recruit Abrams to run for a U.S. Senate seat in 2020. Her name has also come up as a possible party nominee for president in 2020.

Unlike Palin, who resigned as Alaska governor in 2009 before her term ended, Abrams has an impressive resume. Abrams, a Spelman College graduate, earned a law degree from Yale Law School.

“She put her education to work to better the lives of Georgians through the government, nonprofit, and business sectors,” her bio reads. “In 2010, Stacey became the first woman to lead either party in the Georgia General Assembly and the first African American to lead in the House of Representatives as House Minority Leader.”


Twitter users showed no mercy to Palin in response to her remarks about Abrams.