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A meme has been circulating social media that reads, “Christmas is really in two weeks and everyone’s gift is still at the store.” Sound familiar? Well, if this post resonates with you in any way, NewsOne is here to offer some holiday gift ideas that will be appreciated by just about every member of your family – from granny to the kids.

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From cognacs like Hennessy and Dusse for dad, to a “white tears” mug for your favorite woke cousin or even a Patti LaBelle cookbook for the aunt who is always put on beverage duty during the holidays – we’ve got you covered.

And in the event that you don’t find anything on our “List Of Gifts That Black Folks Would Appreciate” that you’d be interested in purchasing, here’s a list of more than 100 Black-owned businesses. The Black Business News Blog listed 25 Black-owned businesses revealing a number of items available for purchase, including everything from desserts and snacks to drinks to cosmetics to clothing and more. The Black Girl With Long Hair website also listed more than 40 other Black companies that focus on cosmetics and fashion.

NBC News reiterates the power of “buying black.” “Black business owners have their ear to the street. They pour into the communities in which they reside,” Eldredge E. Washington, co-founder of Spendefy said. “They play a role in building the communities in which they reside. By supporting them the way we do, we help to empower them.”

“Nationwide there are more than 2.6 million black-owned businesses,” Black business owner Antwon Davis told NBC News. “But eight out of 10 fail within the first year and a half because of a lack of exposure, a lack of capital, and a lack of business acumen.”

Eric Patrick, CEO and founder of Black Market Exchange, also spoke to the importance of keeping our money within the community. He said, “Money can last longer within our community. Which then can be used for further progression not only of businesses, but income in households to use towards higher education and skills training.”

Patrick continued, “When shopping at black businesses, we should look at our acts of frequenting them as investing with the return being the further progression of people in our community. As well as a means for them to feed their families and provide their children with more opportunities.”

Buying black should be something we do yearly, but especially during the holiday season.

Check out our list of gifts that Black folks would appreciate below.

1. For the fellas, a bottle Dusse is never a bad idea.

2. Pretty sure your favorite woke cousin would love to flaunt this on their desk at the office.

3. There’s always that one aunt who needs to steer clear of the kitchen. This one is for her.

4. Your black card is important, don’t get it revoked by not being able to answer the questions in this game!

5. If you’re a lover of Black 90s sitcoms, this is gift a must have.

6. Can you ever go wrong with hair products that are for us and by us? Nope!

7. Why not sleep and keep your hair protected in style at the same time? A double win.

8. The days of sleeping awkwardly to avoid messing up your hair are over!

9. The perfect gift for mom, dad, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa, brother or sister. Did we forget anyone?

10. Baby hairs are important and they should be treated as such. Don’t sleep on this gift!