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South Carolina’s Tim Scott is the only Black Republican in the Senate. He has been a champion for Trump’s racist polices and he finally got a conscience when he voted to oppose the nomination of Thomas Farr to the federal district court in North Carolina.

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Originally, Scott was going to vote for him, but after pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus, he decided to use his brain. Scott said in a statement, “I am ready and willing to support strong candidates for our judicial vacancies that do not have lingering concerns about issues that could affect their decision-making process as a federal judge. This week, a Department of Justice memo written under President George H.W. Bush was released that shed new light on Mr. Farr’s activities. This, in turn, created more concerns. Weighing these important factors, this afternoon I concluded that I could not support Mr. Farr’s nomination.”

While it’s good he finally made a sane decision, he shouldn’t have needed the Congressional Black Caucus to know Farr is a raging racist. Moreover, one vote does not change his history of licking Trump’s boots. Back in July he bizarrely praised Trump’s foreign policy, in March he said he wasn’t “aware” of Trump’s racism and, we can’t forget, he praised Trump’s disgusting tax bill with Ivanka Trump — thr tax bill that gave a bonanza to companies like General Motors, which still fired 14,000 people. Also, we can’t forget he voted for Brett Kavanaugh.

Tim Scott is still trash and Twitter agrees. See below: