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Twitter is a source of many things: to obtain news, to get a good laugh or to even make a confession by way of a trending topic. On Saturday, a question was posed, which garnered quite a bit of Twitter participation: “What’s something you eat that you KNOW you shouldn’t?” April Reign, the activist who launched the #OscarsSoWhite campaign started the conversation, which had folks sharing some of their guilty pleasure foods with a little less guilt.

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“Leaving the house a bit early so I can get a McDonalds steak egg and cheese bagel (no breakfast sauce). I know it’s a horrible choice. I know it’s probably not real meat. It’s my guilty pleasure. IDC IDC IDC,” April tweeted.

Another person chimed in and shared that she tries to get her youngest child to eat breakfast at home but ends up at McDonald’s and gets something for herself, too. “This thread is therapy… I will act extra annoyed when my youngest doesn’t eat breakfast at home and huff and fuss as I pull into the drive-through to get her something…and a triple stack Egg McMuffin for me,” she wrote.

While some folks kryptonite was McDonald’s, other preferred junk food. One man wrote, “Salt and vinegar potato chips sis. I eat well, but that’s my weakness. I will f*ck up a whole bag in one sitting. You can’t tell me there isn’t a banned substance in the Kettle Brand sea salt & vinegar chips packaging.”

Another user wrote, “These delicious sweet crunchy things called Dittos. So sweet they must be diabetes in a bag. Half a bag increases my heart rate the equivalent of a jelly donut chased with Mt. Dew. I love them so much I only let myself have them on Tuesdays with an Everfresh Fruit Punch.”

Frozen foods made the cut as well, with someone sharing their love for pizza rolls. “Pizza rolls. Gotta be baked for ultimate crispness. I will eat fifty in one sitting. I normally eat a mostly Mediterranean, low dairy, low gluten, and low cured meat diet for health reasons. But not when there’s pizza rolls in the house. Also gotta be Totinos or its a no from me,” one Twitter user shared.

Childhood snacks were mentioned, too. “I know it’s animal fat and not real cream but d***mn these be slapping!” said one person.

Obviously, a safe space to reveal one’s favorite junk foods was much needed and overdue.

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