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Yesterday, a woman came forward accusing  journalist and cultural critic Touré Neblett of sexual harassment. The accusations come exactly a week after “Surviving R. Kelly” premiered, where Touré  was a commentator. The accuser, a makeup artist named Dani, said she came forward after hearing Touré talk about Kelly, saying, “you can’t be  a sexual predator and go around shaming other predators.”

Now, Twitter is reacting.

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Touré apologized to Dani, who used to work Touré at People/Entertainment Weekly as recently as 2017 — but dismissed his actions in part as “edgy, crass banter, that at the time I did not think was offensive.” After she quit, Dani reported Touré to the company’s human resources, which fired him promptly, she told ESSENCE.

Touré famously interviewed Kelly in 2008 after the singer’s acquittal of child porn charges. He was one of the few journalists that actually attempted to hold Kelly accountable for his alleged actions. Also, yhe docuseries featured heartbreaking detailed accounts from alleged victims as well as people in the singer’s inner circle. Many viewers were disgusted by Kelly’s brother, Bruce, who openly said the singer had a “preference” for young women. Some of the parents who also appeared in the docuseries seemed to be complicit in their daughters’ associations with Kelly. That said, it appeared to be inexplicable why he decided to appear on the docuseries if he knew there were might possibly be sexually based allegations that could resurface.

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12. Dream Hampton, Executive Producer of ‘Surviving R. Kelly’