A woman came forward accusing the journalist and cultural critic of sexual harassment.

The National Urban League has been releasing its annual report, The State of Black America, for 41 years; it’s an amalgamation of data which quantifiably measures African American (and now Hispanic) progress in six key areas: economics, employment, education, health, housing, and criminal justice.

On the eve of the “Realize The Dream” march in Washington, the families of Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin joined together at Shiloh Baptist Church in Washington for a panel discussion and also the screening of filmmaker Keith Beauchamp‘s film, “The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till.” RELATED: March On Washington Commemoration Stamp Unveiled Will […]


After being challenged on-air by his conservative co-host S.E. Cupp, and with rumors swirling that top Romney officials have put in a couple of calls to NBC, Touré, host of NBC News’ “The Cycle,” has quickly retracted his accusation that Mitt ‘Mittens’ Romney was plotting the “niggerization” of President Barack Obama, reports Politico.com. RELATED: Toure: Mitt Romney’s Attacks Are The […]


Author and culture critic, Touré, has jumped into the the big leagues as a co-host for the new MSNBC show, “The Cycle,” reports the Huffington Post. The new program, which the network was set to announce on Thursday, will feature a permanent cast of four: conservative commentator S.E. Cupp, author and pundit Touré, Salon writer […]

Controversial television personality  and journalist Toure sat down with Dr. Boyce Watkins on CNN to debate the impact of director Tyler Perry’s movies on Black America, days after Perry was named Forbes magazine’s highest paid man in Hollywood. Dr. Watkins was casual with his examination, while Toure went in, telling CNN that Perry’s movies amount […]