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Donald Trump is headfirst in a deep decline after his desperate attempts to thwart the election continue to increase one month prior to him leaving office.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” host Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that Trump’s freedom days might be numbered, especially if New York Attorney General Letitia James has anything to do with it.

“I think its very exciting that, you know, he can pardon himself federally. But there are all these people waiting,” said Goldberg. “Letitia James is waiting with her little foot, she is patting that foot, waiting for him to make a step out. Because he keeps saying he’s going to run in 2024. You’re not going to run if you’re in jail my friend, and that is something you must also think of. I’m just saying,” she said.

The hosts were discussing recent comments from Fox News host Sean Hannity, who suggested Trump pardon himself and his family. Hannity’s “guidance” comes after the incredulousness of Trump pardoning his former national security adviser Michael Flynn last month. In 2017 Flynn admitted to foreign lobbying crimes related to the ongoing FBI probe into the Trump administration’s contact with Russia during the 2016 election.

The pardon absolves Flynn from “any possible future perjury or contempt charge in connection with General Flynn’s sworn statements and any other possible future charge that this Court or the court-appointed amicus has suggested might somehow keep this criminal case alive over the government’s objection,” the Justice Department wrote.

Goldberg also pointed out that Trump’s biggest concern should be James, who in October said she is developing a long list of Trump’s actions for the Biden-Harris administration to undo, while also continuing her probe into Trump’s endeavors and business affairs in the state of New York.

James made history in 2018 when she was elected as the first Black woman and Black person to ever hold the office. James has taken on a number of controversial cases, including filing to dissolve the NRA, setting forth the tone that she is the last one to play with.

The statement went viral, with social media users salivating at the chance to see Trump behind bars, which many agree may be his rightful place after decades of obstruction and dodging any type of consequence for his actions.