Virginia– Democratic congressman Jim Moran said racism was a factor for his party’s losses in the 2010 midterm elections, invoking President Obama’s race, slavery and the Civil War in a TV interview.

The election results on Tuesday are a bitter pill for the President and his supporters to swallow. To be essentially routed by the Republican Party from top to bottom goes beyond humbling; it’s a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party and, by extension, many of the policies championed by President Obama. Roland Martin details four […]

Republicans did not do well in amongst African-Americans and Hispanics in the midterm elections. 95 percent of Black women voted for Democrats. 88 percent of Black men voted for Democrats and more than 60 percent of Hispanics voted for Democrats. Even in Nevada, where Sharron Angle was believed to be beating Sen. Harry Reid, he took […]

In 2008, the Obama camp tapped into the power of the Internet to engage its base, but this year it was Republicans using social media. News One’s Smokey Fontaine joined Roland Martin on “Washington Watch” via the HP SkyRoom to detail what Republicans did. WATCH: Republicans Using Social Media To Rally Their Base

Tuesday’s election results are a bitter pill for the president and his supporters to swallow. To be essentially routed by the Republican Party from top to bottom goes beyond humbling. It’s a wholesale rejection of the Democratic Party as well as many of the policies championed by President Obama. So what world do we face […]

Roland Martin talks with top Democratic pollster Cornell Belcher about what President Obama and the Democratic Party should do next. Belcher told Roland, “Arguably for the last year while Democrats were legislating, Republicans were campaigning.” Belcher also stated one lesson the White House should have learned is that “you got to sell, sell, sell, you can […]

On Wednesday November 3rd, the Pop and Politics live event at WNYC’s Greene Space brought together panelists, audiences and web viewers for a fascinating discussion about how race, anger and the economy affected the outcome of the November 2010 midterm elections. Guests included actress Rosie Perez (visit her arts organization here ), blogger Reihan Salam […]

If President Obama wants to pursue a progressive agenda in the next two years, there are plenty of ways he can do that even without any help from Capitol Hill.

Republicans see Tuesday’s elections as a mandate – an unequivocal message from the voters that they want the Obama administration’s policies reversed. But the GOP had better be careful — because it is not a Republican mandate.

Based on CBS News’ preliminary national exit polling, Republicans are poised for significant gains in Congress. The youth vote–18-to-29-year-olds–who helped catapult President Obama into office makes up an estimated 9 percent of voters this year, compared to 18 percent in 2008. About 58 percent of the youth vote favors Democratic candidates.

Democrat Alvin Greene lost badly on Tuesday to Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and will probably be remembered for running one of the strangest campaigns in recent memory, in addition to being one of the most unexpected candidates in modern history. Nevertheless, he will forever live on as a superhero — at least in his own […]

A late overnight surge in votes that carried San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris into the lead in the race for state attorney general has her campaign declaring victory today.