WASHINGTON — Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele suggested the U.S. mission in Afghanistan is “a war of Obama’s choosing” and history should have told President Barack Obama that a ground war is unlikely to succeed with the current strategy.

From Gawker.com: Someone in the White House has finally convinced Barack Obama to do a primetime address about the oil spill. He’ll be in the Oval Office. Fancy! But can we expect to hear anything new? Will he “act angrily” enough?

WASHINGTON — America’s vaunted can-do spirit is badly frayed. From the Gulf oil spill to the war in Afghanistan, from lost jobs to soaring budget deficits, cascading crises are defying easy resolution and undermining faith in the future.

KABUL — On an Afghanistan trip shrouded in secrecy, President Barack Obama demanded accountability from the country’s leaders, greater vigilance against corruption and better governing as he widens America’s commitment to the 8-year-old war he inherited and then dramatically escalated.