Black History Month

The neglected history of Black mapmaking in America shows the creative ways in which Black people have historically used mapping to document their stories.


In an op-ed, the founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust, Inc., writes that reparations requires building collective power.

Race Matters

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell suggested Black Americans aren't actually Americans when he said about the voting rights filibuster, "If you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."


From Tommie Smith and John Carlos' Black Power salute to Gabby Douglas becoming the first African American to win an individual gymnastics title, Black Americans have undeniably had some of the most iconic moments in Olympics history.

Joe Biden has named his new "Lift Every Voice" plan for Black America after the Negro National Anthem, which is also called, "Lift Every Voice And Sing."


The upcoming census, like many before it, will boil complex information on race, ethnicity and ancestry into just two questions. That leaves a lot of important information out of the data.

The Congressional Black Caucus and other Black leaders have planned a town hall event via telephone to bring attention to the coronavirus' disproportionate impact on African American communities.


There are parallels between NFL protests and a call for African-Americans to "close ranks" during WWI.


Where people live in the US is still often influenced by racial discrimination. Is the federal government doing enough to carry out the vision of the civil rights era legislation?


King argued for a national guaranteed income that would keep people out of poverty. Fifty years later, the Poor People's Campaign still resonates.


If we're not careful, the 2020 Census will be a repeat of past racist, biased and erroneous counts of people of color in America.

The extent to which Trump's super inflated proposed budget for the 2019 fiscal year affects Black people is impossible to ignore upon closer inspection.