Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders recently couldn't remember or didn't quite know the names of any Black staffers at the White House.

Pedophilia and Racism Loses All of the analysts said it wasn’t possible.  Alabama is a seriously red state and we haven’t seen an Alabama Democratic Senator in over two decades. Nonetheless, Trump’s vile ways and Roy Moore’s hatred was not accepted by Alabama voters. Doug Jones won the high-stakes special election — even though Roy […]

Most people didn’t see this coming. Many of us thought a Democrat could not win in the red state of Alabama. However,  pedophilia, homophobia and racism did not win in the deep south. The times are changing. Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race and it was the Black vote, especially Black women, who gave […]

Roy Moore’s Wife Wants You To Know Jews Work For Her As we all know, the Republican nominee for the Senate has been accused of being sexist, racist, a pedophile and anti-Semitic. Kayla Moore is tired of the insults, especially when it comes to the Jewish community. There is no way she and Roy hate […]

Democrat Doug Jones must energize the Black vote to defeat Roy Moore.