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Roy Moore’s Wife Wants You To Know Jews Work For Her

As we all know, the Republican nominee for the Senate has been accused of being sexist, racist, a pedophile and anti-Semitic. Kayla Moore is tired of the insults, especially when it comes to the Jewish community. There is no way she and Roy hate Jews — they work for them! See her comments below:

Twitter wasn’t here for it. Here are a few reactions:

Roy and Kayla Moore are clearly made for each other.

Barkley For Jones

Charles Barkley hasn’t always been on the right side of politics, but last night he headed down to Alabama to campaign for Doug Jones. The former NBA player didn’t hold back any punches, saying, “If somebody sent you this as a movie script, you’d throw it in the trash. You’d say, there’s no way this other dude could be leading in any polls.”Barkley was born and raised in Leeds, Alabama, which is right outside of Birmingham. Watch a clip of his speech below.

Let It Snow

In lighter news, it rarely snows in Louisiana but this weekend the southeast area of the state got 6 1/2 inches of snow. Residents were in shock and posted some hilarious reactions on social media.Check it out:

If Louisiana can get 6 1/2 inches of a snow then can a Democrat win in Alabama today? Fingers crossed!



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