Allen West, the Republican anti-COVID-19 vaccine gubernatorial candidate in Texas, is downplaying his admitted case of "COVID pneumonia" as "not serious" despite being hospitalized with low oxygen levels.

Allen West is stepping down from being chairman of the Texas Republican Party to possibly launch a bid for governor. But chances of him winning the primary seem doubtful for many reasons, but one in particular.

It wasn't just that Allen West defended a caravan of pro-Trump truck drivers surrounding a Biden campaign bus in an apparent act of intimidation. How he defended it matters too.


Black Republican and anti-Obama Allen West is recovering after crashing his motorcycle while leaving an anti-lockdown protest in Texas.

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“It’s like a flat tire on the first day of a road trip,” Former Congressman Allen West said of the drama on the first day of the Republican National Convention. West also discussed the RNC theme of “make America great again,” the national conversation on police accountability, #BlackLivesMatter, and substantive policy proposals to address the Black community. Watch NewsOne […]

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Even before Democrats won the presidential election nearly three years ago, the Republican Party conceded that it needed to be more inclusive of people of color—the voters who essentially delivered President Barack Obama to the White House. SEE ALSO: Taraji P. Henson: Cookie’s Style Is Like “Fashion On Crack” [PHOTOS] According toBuzzFeed, before the 2012 presidential […]

Allen West (pictured) wouldn’t know common sense if kidnapped him, but he has the nerve to deem someone else incompetent. Now that West’s district has voted to eject him from Congress, he’s been hard at work at boosting his profile within the nonsensical, bats**t crazy world of conservative media. To his credit, he is a natural […]

The last thing the world needs is another Black man going out of his way to suck the tit of White supremacy and shovel the same sort of bull we’ve come to expect from White people who peddle the myth that racism exists only within the minds of delusional dark people. Allen West (pictured) would […]

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Allen West (R-Fla) demanded a recount after Nov. 6 elections results favored his 29-year-old Democratic opponent, Patrick Murphy. West, however, realized that he was even further behind in the his District 18 congressional race on Sunday than on Election Day, The Palm Beach Post reports. A new tally of votes released on Sunday by the […]


*Cue elevator jazz music now.* Ah, suki, suki now! We didn’t know whether to file this under politics or entertainment. Who knew that GOP Rep. Allen “Harriet Tubman” West, with his pompous and pious demeanor, had it in him to be such a little freak? According to Gossip Extra, they have exclusively obtained a love […]

Florida Rep. Allen “Harriet Tubman” West proves once again that political position does not equal intellect with statements he made on – of all places — Facebook criticizing President Barack Obama’s speech to the United Nations Tuesday. “Today, we must affirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by […]

It might not seem like it at first, but politicians have a lot in common with the women of reality TV. Similar to Evelyn Lozada hammering Jennifer Williams in a tit-for-tat over sexual escapades, this week on “Basketball Wives,” Allen West is trying to deflect criticism over his sordid past by invoking President Barack Obama‘s […]