Amber Guyger

A grand jury in Dallas on Friday charged former police officer Amber Guyger with murder for killing Botham Jean in his own apartment in September.

Former Dallas County DA Craig Watkins advised the newly-elected DA to be cautious in talking about pursuing murder charges against Amber Guyger without knowing all the facts of the case.

When did fatigue make you shoot someone?

The family of the Black man who was killed by a police officer in his own Dallas apartment last month still has plans to sue the city.

More details are coming out about the 30-year-old police officer.

The number of questions surrounding the police killing of an innocent Black man in his own home has been piling higher and higher since the suspicious shooting in Dallas last month.

Officials in Dallas were intentionally withholding the 911 call former police officer Amber Guyger made after she shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment last month.

Activists held several protests on Botham Jean's birthday.

In honor of Botham Jean, see his life in photos and video.

Robert Rogers claims the justice system is working for Amber Guyger.