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Talladega College opened a new museum that will house Amistad paintings worth $50 million.

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Fifteen years before Amistad, there was the Antelope: a slave ship with 275 captives whose fates were argued before the U.S. Supreme Court not just once, but three times. Jonathan Bryant, author of Dark Places of the Earth: The Voyage of the Slave Ship Antelope, joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the story […]

The “Amistad Revolt,” led by illegally captured West African slave Joseph Cinque (pictured), was a gripping chapter of the international slave trade and its impact on the world. Cinque’s uprising took place in July of 1839, and two years later after a lengthy trial, he and 34 other survivors of the revolt would begin their […]

Joseph Cinque (pictured) and his bold seizure of the La Amistad schooner is recognized as one of the most-symbolic moments in the slavery-abolishment movement. On this date in 1840, Cinque and the “Amistad Revolt” survivors would discover that their fight against their captors was in fact legal and just – but not without lengthy proceedings […]