Let's take some time to reflect on the historical contributions of Black women who made incredible strides in the fight for justice and equality.

An exhibition celebrating the transformational contributions of revered revolutionary activist Angela Davis is on view at the Oakland Museum of California.

The book ‘Comrade Sisters’ visually captures the unwavering resilience of women in the Black Panther Party.

MasterClass will make its ‘Black History, Black Freedom, and Black Love’ course—led by intellectuals like Angela Davis, Nikole Hannah-Jones and Cornel West—free for streaming during Black History Month.

Scholar and revolutionary activist Angela Davis documented her life as well as her views about women, race, class and politics on the pages of more than 10 books that she has authored. These quotes from a sample of those books have proven to be timeless.

While educator, author and activist Angela Davis may not be a mother in the traditional sense of the word, she is considered by most to be one of the Mothers of the Civil Rights Movement.

Activist and author Angela Davis will be inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Twitter users defend Angela Davis' after she was accused of being anti-Semitic over her support of Palestinian rights.

Harvard University’s Radcliffe Schlesinger Library has acquired papers from activist Angela Davis.

Author Brooke Obie attended the Peace Ball to reaffirm that people of color can survive in the undaunting age of Trump because, well, we've done it before.

Among the thousands were Angela Davis, Alicia Keys, the Mothers of the Movement, and more — who all provided priceless moments to remember.