Homes, highways and schools are some of the most common areas where hate crimes happen.

The Jacksonville shooting is a direct result of the governor's "Stop W.O.K.E." ideology.

The Northwestern scandal spotlights similar allegations against other football coaches.

With his suspension and no longer maintaining a six-figure state job, Lieberman has plenty of time to "live and learn." 

Shane Belleville was charged with racist hate crimes for allegedly calling a group of children racist slurs while trying to run them over with his pickup truck in Holbrook, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston.

The victims recount the Los Angeles incident.


A heated debate surfaces on social media.

The Electoral College remains a system born from white supremacy that will likely continue to operate in a racially discriminatory fashion.

The pandemic's stay at home order has seemingly not just effectively fostered anti-Black rhetoric online but also increased it.

The predominantly White First Baptist Church of Crystal Springs, Mississippi, stayed true to it’s Dixiecratic roots by refusing to marry a Black couple after an outcry from the congregation, reports CNN. Charles Wilson and his now wife Te’Andrea had programs printed with their wedding date of July 21. The couple had already sent out invitations […]