By analyzing Instagram and Twitter followings with follower engagement rates, social media's most influential Black celebrities were ranked.

It only took a few hours after Elon Musk completed his purchase of Twitter for the racists to be racist on the social media platform.

Attendees raised concerns about Facebook's presence at the progressive gathering.

The launch of Donald Trump's Truth Social app has been disastrous, according to users who say they have been on a waiting list and haven't been able to access it. Nearly 1.5 million people are still o a waiting list to be able to access it due to technical difficulties no one seems to know how to fix.

Amid ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts in the technology business sector, corporations are increasingly finding out what was already obvious to many: Black women are not only an amazing asset to companies, but they're also thriving in an industry that has historically excluded and not considered them.

Facial recognition and biased data practices exist across multiple sectors. Algorithms and other technology can take on the flawed assumptions and biases inherent in society.

The pandemic's stay at home order has seemingly not just effectively fostered anti-Black rhetoric online but also increased it.

Racist online trolls have increasingly begun infiltrating online meetings and disrupt them with their hate, giving birth to the term "Zoombombing." Here's how to stop it from happening.