After an open letter to Jay-Z sought "revolutionary funding," should wealthy Black people be expected to help fund anti-racism causes?

“It is even very clear that our policy at home is to try to solve social problems through military means just as we have done abroad." - Coretta Scott King


Kohler was one of several board members who voted in support of the resolution last July. Passed less than two months after Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd, the now rescinded resolution included language condemning white supremacy culture and hate speech. It also recommended that school districts think more intentionally.  

While this isn’t the first attempt to reframe the attack on the capitol as something other than insurrection, disregarding the low turnout event could be a mistake.  


As the conversation rages around critical race theory education, here are five book titles that can engage young people in conversations about race in America.

Board members have decided to ignore history by passing a resolution that falsely affirms slavery and racism were exceptions and inconsistent with American values.


The killings of George Floyd and the protests that have continued since have inspired companies, from Apple,PepsiCo,LEGOtocollege institutions, to take a different approach, with a renewed focus to bolster relationships with the communities they interact with. Some are now partnering with local leaders to begin working towards substantive goals.

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“Racism isn’t going anywhere anytime soon,” says organizational psychologist Dr. Courtney McCluney, industrial and labor relations professor at Cornell University. “Companies tend to have a reactive response, to save face, where they rush to set up committees, hire chief diversity officers,” and promote Black employees to executive positions—sometimes the firstin the company’s history. But it's never going to stop, she adds, “we’ve had 400 years embedded in this model of living, so we have to get rid of this sense that we can solve racism tomorrow and think more long term.”


They face punishment for speaking out against racism on campus.

The new plan was created after a Black sorority was targeted with bananas in nooses.

Anti-racism protesters rally at the U.S. embassy in London against Donald Trump's victory. The demonstrators accuse Trump of normalizing hatred.