Photos and video footage showed dozens of white people rioting at a rally in Los Angeles protesting against COVID-19 vaccine mandates in a violent demonstration that the LAPD is being accused of allowing the Proud Boys to instigate.

On Monday The Wall Street Journal published Johnson's op-ed titled, “I Will Not be Silenced by the Left,” where he held on for dear life to sentiments that rule out the harsh realities of systemic racism, especially in regards to Black communities and social justice issues. 

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson's recent racist comments about Black Lives Matter and the attempted Capitol coup reveals a more disturbing conversation and a potential preview of Johnson’s 2022 re-election strategy.

Candace Owens let America know how she really feels about Antifa and so-called "mob rule" when she spoke her truth that didn't match up with her past comments on the same topic.

Candace Owens' distortedly conservative opinions reared their ugly heads on Monday after the Black Republican with extreme political and social views was confronted in Philadelphia.

Several suspected white supremacists have been outed after the right-wing extremist attack in New Zealand.

Authorities arrested four people during a clash between a white supremacist group and antifa forces in Portland, Oregon.

Right-wing haters are attacking Minnesota’s Rep. Keith Ellison after he tweeted a photo of himself with a copy of the book Antifa.