'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams was recently linked to an old AOL account in which he allegedly used screen names spelled with the N-word. Anti-Black resentment is no substitute for therapy, folks.

Get into a good groove with a few great shows airing over the holiday weekend.

In an announcement Tuesday, Verizon Communications said it would acquire AOL for $4.4 billion cash, the New York Times reports. AOL, considered at one point to be a media juggernaut, bought Time Warner for $165 billion 15 years ago. Now, the largest mobile phone operator will acquire the “king of media” for a fraction of the price. […]

NEW YORK — AOL said Thursday it will slash 900 jobs worldwide, or nearly 20 percent of its work force, partly to eliminate overlap that stems from its recent purchase of The Huffington Post. Also read: Top 10 Black Cartoons Of All-Time

Los Angeles–An LA Times correspondent recently criticized they way Huffington Post compensates their writers and journalists.  LA Times’ Tim Rutten believes that the Huffington Post’s editorial quality will decline after the AOL acquisition, because the writers are allegedly underpaid.

AOL has purchased the liberal blog-turned-Internet sensation the Huffington Post for $315 million. In a move that is sure to rock both the worlds of journalism and the Internet, AOL has placed all of its editorial properties under the supervision of Arianna Huffington, who will be the newly-formed Huffington Post Media Group’s editor-in-chief. The New […]