Jackson Lee introduced Articles of Impeachment on Thursday in response to Wednesday's attack at the Capitol.

No matter which side of Trump's impeachment you're on, don't get your hopes up as there is no guarantee that the type of justice you're expecting to see will happen during his Senate trial.

South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn explained why House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi might not submit articles of impeachment to the Senate, leading a pro-Trump Twitter account to spread fake news about the Black congressman.

As reality settled in that Donald Trump has been impeached, so did the social media creatives whose collective timing of churning out related memes and gifs mocking the president was nothing short of impeccable.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi said she would be remiss if she didn’t recognize Elijah Cummings’ contributions to help Democrats get to the point of introducing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.

No matter how an inevitable a Trump impeachment plays out, one thing is for sure: It’s been becoming increasingly apparent that Democrats will need Black voters to save the country from Republicans. Again.


The news that Democratic House leadership was finally opening up a formal impeachment inquiry was especially welcome news to those who have been pushing to do so for many months (read: Black people).

Chatter in mainstream and social media about Donald Trump's mental fitness for office appears to be growing louder and louder amid controversy about his erratic behavior.

Democratic Texas Rep. Al Green on Wednesday took to the House floor to file Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump.


One of President Barack Obama‘s top advisers said that he expects House Republicans will file articles of impeachment against the president. On Friday, Dan Pfeiffer, told reporters, the lawsuit filed by House Speaker John Boehner over executive actions taken by the president on health care would not be enough to satisfy some conservatives in Congress. […]