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As reality settled in that Donald Trump would be going down in history if for nothing else than because of his historic impeachment on Wednesday, so did the social media creatives whose collective timing of churning out related memes and gifs was nothing short of impeccable.

Trump’s fate in the House was sealed because of his admitted quid pro quo that attempted to extort the Ukrainian government in return for political favors that would have potentially affected the outcome of the 2020 election. When Trump instructed his cronies to ignore House subpoenas to testify, he also earned himself separate obstruction of Congress charges. Both are offenses that resulted in his impeachment on Wednesday.

As a result, the internet was instantly replete with photos, graphics and videos mocking the president for becoming just the third sitting president in American history to be impeached.


Africans in “shithole countries” were the subject of a ton of memes and gifs devoted to pointing out that the irony of the very person who criticized their homelands being criticized by leaders in his own nation to the point of impeachment.

Other memes and gifs centered on the fact that if Trump is removed from office — a long shot considering the Republican-controlled Senate that has openly declared its partisan loyalty to the president will determine the president’s guilt or innocence — then Mike Pence will become commander-in-chief. For many, it was a toss-up between which was the worse prospect.

A lot of tweets also brought attention to the possibility of the impeachment backfiring and resulting in Trump’s resounding re-election next year.

But it was that looming impeachment trial in the Senate that a lot of folks focused on. Namely, there were questions about who, if anybody, would be testifying since Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has announced he will not allow any witnesses.

But there was also the sentiment that impeaching Trump would fuel to Americans to vote him out of office since impeachment would probably not accomplish that.

Others imagined the reactions to the news of Trump’s impeachment from the Clintons, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, all of whom have been the repeated targets of the president’s anger, animosity and, in the case of his predecessor, jealousy.

As usual, the undefeated internet defended its championship title and showed no mercy to any and everybody involved in the impeachment process. Scroll down to see a sampling of choice tweets covering the gamut of Trump’s impeachment and the implications behind it moving forward for America and the world.