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Our nation is engaged in a candid debate about how to maintain economic security for the middle class. For many in our community, it’s not just about maintaining middle class security, but about attaining that middle class dream in the first place. SEE ALSO: Paul Ryan, A Lie, Is A Lie, Is A Lie For […]

WASHINGTON  — Days before a crucial Republican presidential primary in Michigan, President Barack Obama is claiming credit for the U.S. auto industry rebound in the state. His re-election campaign is launching a new television ad in the state on Friday highlighting the revival of General Motors and Chrysler following a multibillion-dollar federal bailout. The ad […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is making a strong election-year push for an economic revival “built on American manufacturing.” But he faces an uphill slog, with little consensus even within his own party on how to do it. SEE ALSO: Is Mitt Romney Losing His Mojo? For decades, the United States has gradually shifted from […]

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama wears his decision to rescue General Motors and Chrysler three years ago as a badge of honor, a move to save jobs in an industry that helped create the backbone of the middle class more than a half-century ago. SEE ALSO: Poll: Obama Understands People Best For Obama, the auto […]

DETROIT — For the first time in nearly seven years, Detroit’s car companies are all making money again. Chrysler, the last of the three to return to profitability, said Monday it made a $116 million net profit in the first quarter on revenues of $13.1 billion. The company, which emerged from bankruptcy protection a little […]

DETROIT — As more U.S. buyers head back into auto dealerships, automakers are jostling for their attention with sweetened deals.

Detroit — Though entertainment and sports superstars like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tiger Words have served as effective spokespersons for General Motors, the real stars of GM work behind the scenes and have engineered its renaissance and resurgence. Rolling out spotlighted some of the major players who have led the automotive colossus through its metamorphosis, […]

From One of the women who took Barack Obama on a tour of the Jeep Grand Cherokee assembly line Friday wore a t-shirt with the president’s image that read “Our Dreams Do Come True.” A few miles away, at the Hamtramck General Motors plant, workers brought in red-white-and-blue pom poms to celebrate his arrival. […]